Old World French Inspired

A food tour of Old World France introduced me to foods I just couldn't find at home.  I found a 'citron confit (lemon jam)' that I really enjoyed and paired it with graham crackers and whipped cream which provided a low calorie healthy treat.  I wasn't able to find anything like it once I returned home and this set me out on a journey to create my own.

Unique Hand made French Inspired Jams and Relish

Sparkling Jams

These jams contain a small amount of alcohol that give it a unique spice

Each Jam contains a small amount of alcohol which adds a unique flavor to our sparkling series.

Traditional Jams

Jams and Marmelade

Our traditional Jams are made with natural ingredients and granulated sugar.
We are excited to bring you unique and traditional flavors that will include many of your favorites.

Low Sugar

Toppings, filling and Jam

All of our low sugar jams are sweetened with natural agave syrup (which is made from organic monk fruit) and honey. Some studies show that agave has a lower glycemic index than traditional table sugar.

Chutney, Relish, Apple Sauce

Chutneys and Conserves

My lemon chutney that started it all

Chutney is typically something used with meat and fish as a marinade or plating sauce to add balance and color to your dish. Conserve is used the same way, but it normally contains nuts and raisins.
My lemon chutney can be used with fish or as a pie filling. It's very versatile and can be used to obtain sweet or savory.


My Chicago Dog Relish is a fan favorite

One of my best selling recipies.  Even to those who normally skip over that condiment.  Try it on a hot dog, bratwurst, hamburger or even a tuna melt.  It's made without peppers and requires a 2 day process to complete.

Apple Sauce

My kids like this better than any applesauce at the store

There's so many ways to enjoy this natural healthy sauce.  Heat it up and add whip cream for a sweet treat or simply enjoy right out of the jar.  It makes for a great 'on the go' snack as well.
It's available in 2 different flavors - Fuji and Applecrisp. The Fuji is made with white sugar and hint of vanilla,  The Applecrisp is a bit sweeter and made with brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon.

About our products

We primarily us organic ingredients as much as possible.  All batches are made with love and in small quantities. We happily accept paypal. We do not accept personal checks.


We will gladly ship anywhere within the United States.  

We always ship next business day unless there is an unusual circumstance.  We will ship USPS priority mail and always provide delivery confirmtion and tracking.  We want you to love our jam as much as we do.  If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us at chezdechapae.com

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