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Our Story

About us

A food tour of Old World France introduced me to foods I just couldn't find at home.  I found a 'citron confit (lemon jam)' that I really enjoyed and paired it with graham crackers and whipped cream which provided a low calorie healthy treat.  I wasn't able to find anything like it once I returned home and this set me out on a journey to create my own.

We primarily us organic ingredients as much as possible.  All batches are made with love and in small quantities. We happily accept paypal. We do not accept personal checks.

We will gladly ship anywhere within the United States. We always ship next business day unless there is an unusual circumstance.  We will ship USPS priority mail and always provide delivery confirmtion and tracking.  We want you to love our jam as much as we do.  If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us at

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