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Meghan Pfister

I bought a jar of the Banana Foster this morning and I can't stop eating it! I regret not buying more jams when I was there but I will for sure be going back next Saturday to get more!

Barbara McNulty Hollock

Took me awhile to sample the products I purchased at a vendor show in December. I needed to wait until another cream member came to town so we could do it together. Fig. Ohhh really good. Tomato. Spicy but oh so many ideas to use it. Grapefruit marmalade. A big shocker we were not ready to like. So we waited... but we loved it - thinking of a number of cheeses to pair it with. And for dessert... Bananas foster. Loved loved it. When talking about what to pair it with, we decided a spoon would work. Can't wait for this season's products.
I haven't had everything she sells, but what I have had, has been absolutely amazing! She even has stuff that she makes specifically for diabetics because everybody deserves to be treated to something delicious. (': 12/10

Steven James Rotermund

WOW the Pumpkin Pretzel Dip was outta dis world! I actually licked the jar clean. Great products from a great woman. Do yourself a favor and pick some up!

Vincent J Hickey

Emily Pomrening

I just got home from the Lisle French Market and opened my jar of Salsa de Limon... I've eaten 1/2 already and the jar won't last the weekend! Uuuummmm!!!! I recommend supporting this business 100%!

Thompson Cassie

I've had her product before. It's excellent!

John Bucchi

Gwen Halford

I loved the pumpkin pretzel dip!! It tastes just like a slice of pumpkin pie only healthier. I literally ate 1/2 a jar.

Brenda Tompkins

I love the lemon coconut chutney! Soooo good!!!!!
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