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Low Sugar Mini Pies

When your trying to lose weight... it's hard to find the right snack that works with your sweet tooth and still helps you see results. Part of what got me started making my own Jam was just that. In France, their dessert is a well designed fruit salad!

I love to eat light and have a small mini pie for dessert, using this same concept. This consists of a graham cracker and a pat of butter in the microwave for a minute, add jam and whip cream.. viola! It becomes an easy quick perfect low cal dessert.

I also love to throw a scoop of jam into my morning smoothie for flavor and I love I'm adding something healthy that cuts down on time when I'm running out the door. My jams pair perfectly with my herbalife!

So if you see me losing weight and looking great.. now you know what I'm doing that's working for me!

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