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Unique Old World Inspired Jams and Relish

The lemon chutney that started it all.

Some of you may have heard the story. Earlier this year I was given an incredible opportunity to go to France on a food tour that changed my whole outlook on food.

I had always believed in eating healthy and naturally and had already worked hard to lose 70 lbs with diet and exercise. I also had always wanted to learn how to can. I had all the supplies, but just needed that spark to motivate me to learn and start the process.

While in Nice on our walking tour, we stopped into an old world oil shop and I picked up a jar called "citron confit." I found this lemon jam to be very versatile and it tasted amazing. I primarily used it as low calorie treat by combining it with half a graham cracker and some whipped cream, but you can also pair it with salmon, perch and cheese. I spent months perfecting the right consistency and creating the right flavor balance so that it wasn't too sweet or bitter.

Here's the thing. I'm not a fan of lemonade or lemon meringue pie because they're either too sweet or bitter. I found that adding coconut milk created a unique flavor combination that softened the tartness without being too sweet.

So, rather than try to order more "citron confit" from France, I set out to recreate my own recipe as well as learn the art of canning. Many months later, I've perfected my consistency and feel I have the perfect old world inspired lemon chutney.

This is always made in small batches. One entire bag of lemons makes only 6 jars of this fabulous lemon chutney. So recreating this lemon treat that doesn't impact your glycemic index when your trying to lose weight has been a fabulous journey to the foodie inside of myself.

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