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Pumpkin Pretzel Jam! Oh Yeah!

Grab my new flavor at this weekend's French Market!

Saturday at 8 AM - 1 PM

4713 Lincoln Ave, Lisle, IL 60532 - next to Prarie Pond

It's so hot off the shelf, I haven't even gotten my labels for it yet! Those should be here by Friday, Market is Saturday! (working right under the wire right there... haha)

This is a party ready Jam - perfect pretzel dip. If you are headed over to see friends and family - easily set this out with a bag of pretzels. Or dip and go on the road.

This is an improved flavor over last year's pumpkin spiced butter.

This one has less spices & could be easily stirred into yogurt or even used as a pie filling.

This is a limited Edition flavor I will only be offering through my November & any December markets.

It's not for sale on my site. (even though my site has been updated with all of my other new flavors)

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